A pair of unlikely shooters serendipitously joined the 2014 edition of the Daybreak Rotary shooting event.
When one thinks of a tactical pistol course and skeet & trap shooting, the images of experienced marksmen wearing tactical shooting vests, ammunition belts, and camouflage “anything” comes to mind.  However, that wasn’t completely the case during this past weekend’s Marble Falls “Daybreak” Rotary Club fundraiser shooting event.  Oh sure, there were plenty of experienced gun shooters who partook in the day-long shooting competition, but there was also a couple of unexpected and unassuming visitors who asked to participate. 
Robert Hureau (San Antonio) and his daughter Caitlin (Providence, RI) were enjoying a weekend at the lavish Horseshoe Bay Resort near Marble Falls, riding jet skis and enjoying first class accommodations when Caitlin asked to do something that was a little out of the ordinary.  She wanted to shoot a gun.  It’s not that shooting guns is unusual, but in this family, neither Robert nor Caitlin had ever fired a weapon.  Robert researched local shooting clubs and identified Copperhead Creek Shooting Club located in Hidden Falls Adventure Park (Marble Falls).  Of course, Copperhead Creek is the host for our annual fundraiser.
After a short drive from Horseshoe Bay, Robert and Caitlin arrived eager to experience all that the shooting club could offer.  Neither one had a gun though, nor were they familiar with the required safety items that go along with shooting guns.  Each was outfitted with the necessary gear and a couple of the guns were provided by participating Rotarians.   
After a weapons safety brief and some shooting fundamentals guidance, both Robert and Caitlin started their day off at the tactical pistol course.  They began with some static target shooting.  Caitlin remarked that it’s “kinda” what she expected.  Rotarian Amanda Fancher assisted Caitlin on the course with Rotarian Kirk Noaker -- former law enforcement officer -- providing instruction as well. 
For first time shooters, Robert & Caitlin were remarkable in hitting their respective targets most of the time.  At one point, Robert felt so comfortable that he wanted to run through the tactical course.  With close guidance, Robert successfully completed the course, striking all of the targets. 
After the tactical pistol course, both Robert and Caitlin moved over to the Skeet and Trap courses where they handily wielded a “loaner” Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun. 
Caitlin, weighing maybe 100 pounds absorbed the “kick” of the shotgun quite well, occasionally hitting the flying clay disks.  Robert fared a bit better, hitting about half of the simulated flying pigeons.  Both Robert and Caitlin enjoyed shooting the shotgun more, but acknowledged that skeet & trap shooting was hard. 
Rotary Clubs throughout the world strive to make this planet of ours a better place to live.  Sometimes, the fundraising efforts and moreover, the fundraising successes, won’t be seen for months or even years.  But on this day, this father & daughter “team” experienced the joys of shooting guns together, for the first time.  Both expressed that they had a “blast” and each suggested that they would love to do this again.  Who knows?  Maybe a new hobby has been identified, a new hobby to be enjoyed by both.  This of course is what parents all across this great country of ours seek, an activity to be shared with our children.  Well done Robert & Caitlin, well done!  Mission accomplished by them and hopefully Rotary made a couple of new friends ....