Keith Conrad and Chuck Johnstone are Daybreak Rotary's newest Paul Harris Fellows. District Governor Hanspeter Tobler made their awards today at our regular meeting during his visit.
The Rotary Foundation is the largest private foundation in the world. It got that way through contributions by Rotarians from all over the world making donations, and eventually becoming a Paul Harris Fellow when $1,000 has been contributed.
Our newest Paul Harris fellows are Keith Conrad (left) and Chuck Johnstone  (right). Chuck also happens to be Daybreak's new Foundation Chair and as such is charged with the responsibility to continue Daybreak's sterling role within Rotary District 5870 as a stand-out club in terms of our contributions. 
Daybreak is a EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) and 100% Sustaining Member club. That means that every member of Daybreak Rotary contributes to the Foundation every year, and each contributes at least $100 per year on average. District 5870 is the largest giver to the Foundation of all Rotary districts world-wide. A few years ago Daybreak was the largest per capita giving club in the District.
The effect of Foundation Giving is incalculable. The Polio Plus project alone -- on the brink of eradicating polio throughout the world (only three endemic countries remain) -- has affected more people, especially children, throughout the world that any other single project by either a private concern or a government.
Congratulations Keith and Chuck!