Trey Berry, Pres. of the Highland Lakes Association of Realtors spoke to us about how the market is in our area, with some contrasts to Austin and surrounding areas. View the program here on the Daybreak Rotary YouTube channel. The club first inducted a new member, Melissa Christian, and then the program starts at 3:10 if you want to jump ahead.
We have all heard a lot about the overheated real estate market in Texas. Austin, in particular, is known to be red-hot. Trey indicated that the market in marble Falls and the surrounding area has been quite active, with plenty of buyers but that it had not been as "crazy" as in Austin. He also indicated that things appeared to be cooling-off just a little bit in our area if you look at the data.
One of the questions that I found most interesting, to which there appears to be no clear answer, was about where are people going when they sell in this area and whether they are moving away or moving up. We have all probably thought about where we would go and what we could by if we sold our home at the current (to some) inflated prices. Trey's program was interesting and we thank him for being with us.