Posted on Jul 06, 2017
Roadkill Tacos -- YUMMY!
RYLA starts early for the students attending RYLA In the Rough at McKinney Roughs State Park, and for those transporting them. Brooks and Marian took our student -- unfortunately one of them miscued on the date -- and they were picked up on Friday by Leo and Ed.
The highlight for the kids is Thursday morning when Daybreakers shown here -- who had met at RCG about 4am to head out -- whipped up and served Roadkill Tacos. They have to get up so early to be certain they can collect enough roadkill to serve the large and quite hungry group of kiddos. The rules are they had to order according to which roadkill was desired, selecting from Rattlesnake, Opossum, Buzzard, Raccoon, Armadillo and Squirrel. Ordering a egg and bacon taco just drew a blank stare.
The serving crew members were required this year to wrap their heads -- a bigger challenge for Galyn than for the follicle-challenged guys in the group. By all reports it was a success.