Choir Director Bryce Gage brags on "his" kids.


Bryce Gage, MFHS Choir Director, spoke to us about the current activities of the choir including their upcoming trip to England.  The Marble Falls Choir has become recognized as one of the outstanding choir programs in the state and has performed at numerous prestigious events including a performance at the White House. The program continues to grow. He is losing 16 students to graduation and picked up 68 incoming freshmen! He has had five choirs, is adding a sixth, and no doubt will have to continue the program.

The upcoming London trip has all of the 45 students and the 45 adults (Bryce is grateful for the 1:1 ratio) quite excited. One of their bookings came after many rejections (caused by the musical director not even listening to the CD that was sent), but when he finally listened then suddenly the MFHS choir was THE program they wanted. We could have told them so.

Rotarian Gil Jones inquired about the choir members who also participate in other activities. The choirs include athletes from almost all the sports and students involved in still other extra-curricular activities, according to Gage. He was quickly reminded to keep Daybreak Rotary on the list for Christmas-time entertainment -- now a seven year tradition -- when prompted by Rotarian Jeffrey Bartz. 

From 19 students when Gage came to MFHS, the program has grown to 240. Gage's outstanding program clearly develops leadership, motivation, discipline and all-around fine young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations Bryce, and thank you.

Today's program was brought by Rotarian Keith Powell.