Roger Barr nearing his first year as Principal of the Marble Falls Middle School. Roger and his wife Michelle took the long way getting here. When they were still a young couple, her parents moved to Colorado and, seeking new horizons and maybe some adventure, the Barrs followed. They lived in Colorado for a number of years, until ...
... until Roger's in-laws decided Colorado was too cold and moved to Texas. And the Barrs followed, eventually making their way to Marble Falls. But even that was not easy. Michelle had "bugged" Roger off and on for weeks to check listings -- see if any administrative positions were open. Finally, he looked one Friday evening and at 3pm that very day the Marble Falls position had been posted. He jumped on it and here they are. Thanks, Roger, for letting peek into your personal life.
Roger professes to be a "big picture" and "long view" person. He wants to educate youngsters for their long-term benefit so they can go out into the world and succeed, and hopes that some of them will return here to give back to their community of origin. He stressed the new program to put mobile devices in the hands of all middle schoolers which will provide them with all of the resource tools and text in something lighter than a backpack full of books. Roger also talked about the 60+% of the school population that is economically disadvantaged and the additional challenges in educating those students, especially when some of then are functionally homeless.
Roger has been an educator since 1987. He has been an English teacher, Athletic coach, UIL academic coach, club sponsor, bus driver, and entered Administration in 2001.  He has worked in Texas and Colorado, on large (2000+ students) and small (<200 students) campuses.