Falls Career High School Principal Peggy Little knocks the ball out of the park, again. Ms. Little gave us an update on activities at Falls and told Daybreak Rotarians all about the new 9th Grade Academy at Falls.
In her classic style fueled by seemingly endless imagination and energy, Principal Peggy Little has created an innovative "Academy" at the Falls Career High School to boost entering Freshmen. Many students exit the 8th grade without full mastery of core subjects. Peggy's 9th Grade Academy is designed to bring them up to speed in the core subject matter in order to ensure success in the 9th grade. Eighth grade students were specially screened and 10 were chosen for this ground-breaking opportunity.
"Failure is not an option" said Ms. Little in talking about the hard work these students are undertaking. At the first reporting period all are doing well and in addition to scholastics they also do yoga exercises twice weekly. All boys, some of the Academy class are playing football -- a testament to their efforts in light of the "no pass, no play" rules.
The Academy students are becoming as focused and goal-oriented as is Peggy Little, and as a result they are enjoying success that they have not previously known.  All of the Academy students are passing all core courses at this time. Their success is a testament to the combination of their effort, the special attention given by dedicated teachers and counselors, and the platform made possible by this unique program. Falls and its "energizer bunny" principal are truly living into their motto of "Lighting [the students'] Way to a Successful Tomorrow!"
In other news from Falls, Peggy reported that of the several scholarships given to Falls by Daybreak Rotary one student has started culinary school in the summer and another is starting at CTC at mid-term. Many of the Falls students will be assisting Daybreak on Adoption Day and in the "Old Jail Renovation" project. The community activities are required as part of their participation in Falls and Daybreak is pleased to continue its partnership with Falls.