Christopher Scott was sentenced to life in prison for Capital Murder when he was just 26-years-old. After spending 15 years in prison, he was exonerated. 
Christopher Scott was arrested for Capital Murder when he was just 26-years-old. The prosecutor's office had no physical evidence pointing to Mr. Scott, merely a distraught eye-witness who picked Mr. Scott out of a poorly executed line-up.  Despite the lack evidence, the jury convicted Mr. Scott and he was sentenced to life in prison, leaving behind his girlfriend and two small children.
After 15 years of writing letters to anyone he thought could help him, Mr. Scott was finally given a court-appointed attorney, Michelle Moore, to examine his case. Ms. Moore was able to bring to light a piece of evidence, a written confession by another man, that indicated Mr. Scott was not guilty. After spending 15 years in prison, the truth was out and Mr. Scott was finally a free man. Now, Mr. Scott owns a men's clothing store in Cedar Hill Texas and he has started a program, House of Renewed Hope, that is dedicated to providing assistance to men and women who have been wrongfully convicted.
Specifically, the members of the organization volunteer their time to help investigate claims of innocence made by incarcerated individuals in Texas.  Individuals who are exonerated are released from prison with only the clothes on their backs. They are not given any money, clothing, or even a toothbrush. Often the individuals have been wrongfully incarcerated for so long that they do not even have family or friends left to contact for help. Mr. Scott and many his fellow exonerees assist these individuals by providing bare essentials that most of us take for granted.
Mr. Scott has also been instrumental in trying to prevent further men and women from being wrongfully convicted. He has addressed both the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate. Mr. Scott, personally and through his organization, seeks to make a difference within the justice system and to prevent innocent individuals from suffering the extreme injustice that was imposed on him. To find out more information on Christopher Scott or the House of Renewed Hope, visit