Dr. Dan McBride opened our eyes as to how a rare species becomes extinct.
The beautiful Pronghorm, a unique to North America animal, has declined in population from the 10's of millions as estimated by Lewis & Clark during their exploration of the West, to just thousands. Through efforts by wildlife conservationists like Dr. Dan McBride the Pronghorn is on the way back from the brink of extinction.
Dr. Dan explained that the Pronghorn is not truly an antelope although the common reference is to a "Pronghorn Antelope" among the general public. It is in a distinct biological classification by itself, in the species Antilocapra americana.

Dan -- who is also the Burnet County rabies control officer -- shared a startling statistic about rabies:  that more people die annually from rabies than from the Ebola virus.  Because of it's large animal population mixed with an ever-increasing human population Burnet County is perennially in the top brackets for rabies incidents, according to Dan.

Thanks for a great program Dr. Dan!  The photos were beautiful and the discussion quite interesting.