The summer Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp teaches skills for future leaders.


This year Daybreak Rotary sent Maddie Johnson and Chris Gregg to RYLA. They continue the string of outstanding students who have represented Marble Falls and Daybreak Rotary at the camp. RYLA is a 6-day residential leadership camp for junior and senior high school students. In this photo we see Maddie and Kris at camp. Also attending this year's camp as a counselor was Mattie Cryer, granddaughter of Rotarian Gil Jones.

Andy Hoffmans organized Daybreak's RYLA effort again this year. Our Rotarians transport the youth to and from camp and Daybreakers also help with breakfast on Thursday. 

Transporters were Andy Hoffmans and Brooks Blake going there, and Ed Cole returning. The camp is held at McKinney Roughs Nature Park near Bastrop.

Cooks were Andy and Brooks, Ed Cole, Jim Warden, Barbara Warden, Wade Whiteside and Kirk Noaker. 

2014 RYLA students

Here's the menu: ryla 2014 menu