Daybreak Rotarians unanimously cheered the initiative for adoption awareness and foster parent recruitment.


Co-chairs Eddie Arredondo and Barbara Warden explained the program to the membership today. In a comprehensive push to increase the number of foster homes and adoptions in the Highland Lakes Daybreak Rotary has undertaken a life-changing service to abused and neglected children. Daybreakers will be involved in three major areas of activity which include (1) an "Adoption Day" event each November, (2) helping the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) to recruit prospective foster parents, and (3) assisting TDFPS in conducting the training necessary for certification as a foster parent. 

Members Arredondo (Burnet County Attorney), Leslie Vance (Burnet County's civil attorney) and Gil Jones (retired District Judge) all echoed the tremendous benefit that will come to abused and neglected children by increasing the number of foster homes in the area. Many new foster homes will become certified as "foster/adopt" homes meaning they are pre-approved for adopting a child needing a home.