Rex Norris

Coach Norris regaled us with a full litany of his extensive and very interesting coaching career. 


Program highlights

Coaches move a lot and he sure did. Each move was described as his being happy where he was but someone had called. Well, he would just go make a visit but was not making a change. Going just to be cordial.

Then he would be swept away with the program he saw and could not sign fast enough! He's glad to be settled here in the Highland Lakes now and Daybreak Rotarians were glad to hear from him today.


Rex Norris was born in Tipton, Indiana and raised in San Angelo, TX as a true Texan. He graduated from East Texas State University and started his 45 plus year coaching career. He began at R.L. Turner High School and from there went to Texas A&M with Emory Bellard. Oklahoma then sought his skills and he spent the next eleven years as a Sooner. He has coached at every level, including stops at Arizona State, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans, and Chicago Bears.

After moving to Horseshoe Bay he has been with the Toronto Argonauts, the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe, the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks and various high school All-Star games. He will be discussing his long and illustrious career.